Following on a study conducted last summer by The SportsOneSource Group that indicated that price had become the number one motivating factor in determining where to shop for sporting goods or athletic footwear and apparel, it comes as no surprise that the factor has become even more important this year.  The interesting point is how high product quality was ranked by consumers and the increased importance of convenient locations.

The survey, conducted via the Internet in late June, sampled a cross-section of the American population ages 13 and older.  A broader top-line review of the study will be made available in the SGB magazine Fall issue, due out in mid-September. The full study will be available next month.

The most recent Where America Shops report, designed to assess the current buying habits of the American public, found an even higher percentage of adult consumers viewed Price as the most important factor when deciding where to shop versus the 2008 report.  Product Quality was the attribute ranked second highest and Product in Stock was the third ranked attribute.
Based on the SOS survey, 79% of respondents said that Price was “extremely important” when deciding to visit or shop at a particular retail store.  That compares to 68% of respondents that responded at that level in 2008.  The 2008 survey was conducted before the banking crisis reared its ugly head in September, but also reflected consumers’ attitudes amid the high gas prices last summer.  The mean rating for the Price attribute was also higher this year.  On a scale of 1 to 9, adult consumers gave Price a mean rating of 8.2 in the 2009 survey versus 7.9 in the 2008 study. 
Quality Products ranked a close second in the survey as adult consumers look for products that will last longer.  The Quality Products attribute was mentioned by 78% of respondents as “extremely important” and the mean rating was 8.1 for the attribute.
Product in Stock ranked third at 67% of the total survey group, indicating the attribute as “extremely important,” also an increase from last year’s study.   However, the level of intensity was about even to last year, with the mean rating coming in flat at 7.8 on a scale of 1 to 9.  Products/Brands Carried was fourth at 60%, while Convenient Location was cited by 56% of the respondents as “Extremely Important.”
The report further delves into consumer perceptions on specific retailers, including overall ratings, rating based on customer service and having a knowledgeable staff.
The SportsOneSource 2009 Where America Shops Study will be packaged in various formats to customize or optimize the benefits to the user.  The full report is over 250 pages, but can be broken down into specific retailer data, such as how a consumer that shops at one retailer rank that retailer against its competition in a number of categories.  The report will also be broken into trade channels.  The report is free to SportScanINFO retail reporting partners.
For more information on the study, including the customization of the data for a specific project or report, please contact SOS Research at 704.987.3450 or e-mail to: