Reima, the Finnish children’s clothing brand, added new sales representation—Velocity Sales (Northeast), Mike Laroche (Southwest) and Parallel 45 Sales (Midwest)—to fill out its U.S. representation.

Velocity Sales & Marketing, which will begin managing the brand’s New England territory and account base, has a 20-year history of servicing outdoor brands, including Marmot, Tubbs and Atlas Snowshoes, BioLite, and Ignik. The Velocity Sales team includes Principal Mike Schmidt, Bill Bruzzese and Brian Hamann. “Our team is looking forward to working closely with Reima and the New England customers,” said Schmidt. “Reima is a brand steeped in tradition, innovation and quality, all attributes that reflect our own values. The brand continues to be a proven leader and innovator in the children’s outdoor clothing and footwear categories, and we’re eager to help Reima achieve its North American goals.”

Based in Truckee, CA, Mike Laroche Sales will cover the Southwest Region, including California, Nevada and Arizona, for Reima in the U.S. Reima said, “Laroche is an experienced professional with a deep-rooted passion for snow sports and the outdoor industry. Growing up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, he has reportedly cultivated his passion and knowledge as an outdoor industry professional and active enthusiast. As a second-generation sales rep, Laroche reportedly gained valuable insights and built strong relationships with retail partners throughout his career.”

Parallel 45 Sales Group will manage the Midwest region (East Lake and West Lake), with Principal Doug Scott and Sarah Krause in the Midwest and Bryce Badley in the Great Lakes area. The brand said the Parallel 45 team “has a strong track record in connecting brands with people, building like-minded outdoor communities and believe organizations can be highly successful by focusing on more than just sales.”

“We welcome all these great sales representatives into the Reima USA family and are excited for this next chapter as we push harder into servicing the North American specialty market,” said Marc Cutilletta, head of Reima North America. “Committed to bring ‘best in class’ service to all our outdoor retailers, we feel confident these new additions will do just that.”

Photo courtesy Reima