REI Co-op partnered on a study with PeopleForBikes that identified opportunities to improve access to active transportation, empowering city planners and transportation departments to increase consumer mobility options. In turn, REI surveyed consumers to find solutions for decarbonizing the transportation sector.

REI said in a press release that “the national survey revealed new statistics regarding the current barriers preventing individuals from embracing bicycles as an active mode of transportation. The majority of respondents, 68 percent, said their frequency of bike trips would increase if dedicated infrastructure were present, while 62 percent expressed that it’s hard to find safe infrastructure for active transportation in their respective cities.”

“It wasn’t surprising to see safety as a main concern for vulnerable road users,” said Brittany Echave, director of customer research at REI. “The research validated how important it is to advocate for policies and legislation that allow our cities to pursue infrastructure projects that prioritize the safety of individuals who chose active transportation as their preferred mobility option.”

REI partnered with PeopleForBikes, the bike industry’s trade association, to conduct and analyze the research study. The two companies also collaborate on “advancing national, regional, and local legislation to improve active mobility options.”

One pivotal initiative is the Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program (ATIIP), which “enhances the infrastructure for active transportation, connects facilities with existing transit services, and improves access to public transportation, reducing carbon emissions and fostering equitable transportation options across diverse communities.”

“Federal funding allocated to active transportation projects benefits all road users,” said Martina Haggerty, senior director of local innovation at PeopleForBikes. “Supporting the growth of ATIIP funding will enhance our network of mobility options, improving transportation for all.”

REI believes further ATIIP investment in safe and connected bike networks with other active transportation projects will “pave the way for a greener, healthier and more inclusive future for all Americans.”

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Image courtesy REI