Registration is now open for the 2020 Outdoor + Snow Show, scheduled for January 29-31 at Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

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This will be the first OR event since the organization announced it had canceled Winter Market and will wrap the two into the January show.

“Ultimately, the idea behind the whole industry coming together and being united in one winter show seems to be actually more valuable than two shows serving the unique timing of their product cycles,” OR show director Marisa Nicholson told SGB last month. “And so the sentiment behind that was if we want to deliver the most value for our customers and our communities, we had to make the decision and move very swiftly on not having the November show and bringing the industry together for one united show in January.”

Click here for SGB’s coverage of that news.

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, planned for November 5-7, will not happen, while Summer Market will continue to be held in June.