Reebok named Australian fitness professional Emily Skye as its newest fitness ambassador. Skye will partner with the brand to engage and motivate women around the world around the issues of body positivity and unlocking their potential through fitness.

Skye is an online fitness and health influencer, the founder of the F.I.T fitness workout, and according to Reebok embodies the company’s Be More Human philosophy, which promotes the significance of physical, mental and social health.

“Through fitness, I firmly believe every human has the potential to change for the better through the mind as well as the body. This synergy is the foundation of my partnership with Reebok who possesses, cherishes and exerts the same values that motivate and inspire me every day…I can’t put into words how excited I am about what can be achieved with this brand at my side,” Skye said.

Skye will spearhead Reebok collaborations and initiatives to stimulate meaningful conversations on body positivity, challenging the perceptions of perfection and inspiring self-betterment among women. In a first for the brand, Reebok will collaborate with Skye on a special footwear creation in 2017, working directly with Skye and her fans to crowd source ideas and preferences for a functional training shoe.

“Emily isn’t only an inspiration to her millions of followers around the world – she’s an inspiration to the very people that walk the hallways at Reebok every single day. She has an amazing story that typifies what our Be More Human philosophy stands for, that enriching our lives through fitness can have a positive impact on our social and mental well being,” said Steve Robaire, director, Reebok instructor marketing.

The Reebok Instructor Network now consists of more than 100,000 personal trainers and Skye will play an important role in influencing the strategy, support and growth of this network in the future.

“We are looking at this partnership in a different way to a traditional brand association. I want to work with Reebok on unique and honest ideas that will really strike a motivating chord with not only my supporters – but also anyone, anywhere in the world that seeks for self-improvement or struggles with self-esteem. Fitness is a pathway to help us all be the best versions we can be – through physical fitness, we can reveal our mental and emotional potential,” Skye continued.

Skye joins a team of Reebok ambassadors that includes MMA icon Ronda Rousey and fellow fitness and health expert Jennifer Widerstrom.

Photo courtesy Reebok