Reebok-CCM Hockey in a press release said “stray comments” from Bauer’s CEO, Kevin Davis, and misinterpretations by some news
outlets have created a misimpression that Bauer’s RE-AKT helmet is the
only helmet that reduces rotational acceleration.

As reported, Reebok-CCM formed an exclusive partnership with the University of Ottawa’s Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory. Together, Reebok-CCM and the University of Ottawa are working to gain further knowledge on impact management with the goal of helping the hockey industry create safer equipment.

Reebok-CCM claims the partnership's newly-released helmet performs significantly better
overall than the RE-AKT helmet at reducing rotational acceleration when
tested using a peer-reviewed and scientifically published test protocol
designed by the University of Ottawa to specifically evaluate ice hockey
helmets. The results of that test were statistically significant at the
95 percent confidence level, for all but one head impact location. The test
also showed that Reebok-CCM’s helmet performed better at reducing linear
acceleration at high speeds to a statistically significant degree.

Reebok-CCM believes that the University of Ottawa’s peer-reviewed and
published test protocol using a pneumatic linear impactor to measure
rotational impacts (the “UOTP”) is the best test methodology that
currently exists to measure rotational impact forces for hockey helmets.
The linear impactor simulates player-to-player contact and is similar
to a test device created at Wayne State University for the
reconstruction of National Football League helmet-to-helmet collisions.
There are other test protocols developed in other industries for
different types of helmets, such as those worn in motocross or
equestrian activities, but those tests do not simulate impacts in a
manner that truly mimics the rotational acceleration that can be
experienced by hockey players.

“The topic of head injuries in hockey is too important and of serious concern to the general public to be the subject of confusion in the marketplace regarding product performance.” says Phil Dubé, General Manager for Reebok-CCM Hockey.