Reebok and EB Sport Group entered into a multi-year licensing agreement and will launch a new line of Reebok fitness monitoring devices this fall.

Reebok is introducing the Reebok InTouch Heart Rate Monitor, the Reebok InShape Fitness Watch, the Reebok InColor Digital Pedometer and the Reebok InView Pedometer. The Reebok branded monitors will be available in September through a variety of sporting goods and fitness retailers.

“At Reebok, we believe that exercise and staying in shape should be fun – not a chore. By collaborating with EB Sport Group we are bringing products to the market that will enhance our consumer’s fitness experience and also help bring the fun back to fitness,” said Linne Kimball, Reebok’s Head of Licensing.

The new lineup of Reebok fitness monitors is designed for functionality, comfort and fit.  These products will enhance workouts and provide users with a variety of monitoring systems that provide accurate heart rate results and fitness monitoring data.

“Reebok and EB Sport Group are setting an aspirational tone with this exciting new product lineup, combining very unique features and functionality with hot new designs,” stated Brian Anderson, president of EB Sport Group. “We are both committed to providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with fun, innovative products that enhance the experience and help the users achieve their goals.”

The new Reebok heart rate monitors, fitness watches and pedometers offer a variety of performance based features that are designed for high level monitoring while adding fashionable fun into the mix with a variety of colors. The products will be available to purchase at a variety of retailers including REI, Academy Sports, Dunham’s and Best Buy, among others.  This new line will also be available at .

The Reebok InTouch Heart Rate Monitor without a Chest Strap Fitness tracking is important but knowing youre increasing your fat burn simply because youre in the right zone is vitally important in achieving your fitness goals. InTouch means no chest belt is needed. This heart rate monitor features: Touch to View Heart Rate, a Fit Zone Indicator, a Calorie Burn Monitor and Speed, Distance and Step Tracking. Available in three colors ($99.99 MSRP)
The Reebok InShape Fitness Watch allows you to accurately monitor your fitness activity. The more you move, the more you tone and this watch can track your every step, kick, jump and skip right from your wrist. InShape features a Calorie Burn Monitor, Speed, Distance and Step Tracking and Accurately Tracks Total Time in Motion while a Speed Monitor keeps you on pace. Available in three colors ($79.99 MSRP).        
                                                                                         Reebok InColor Digital Pedometer: The first ever pedometer with color changing LED screen! Color with this new pedometer tells two stories. First, you have the freedom to select the display color of your choice. Are you feeling blue or on-the-go green? Second, the innovative Pace Assist Technology changes LED colors to visually keep you on your pace goal. For instance, Red means youre going too slow, and signals you to move faster. The InColor also accurately tracks your total time in motion, so you know how active you really are throughout the day. Features include a Customized Color Display with four LED Choices, Speed, Distance and Step Tracking and Pace Assist to keep you on track. ($39.99 MSRP).
Reebok InView Pedometer means the data is visible only to the user. We all like to share our fitness accomplishments. But our personal data is, well, personal. The Reebok InView Digital Pedometer is designed to provide great information but just for you. The private display shows you what you need to know without showing the world. Features include Digital Step & Distance Accuracy, Calorie Burn Monitor, Discreet Privacy Display and it’s Easy to Use. Available in three colors ($24.99 MSRP).