Haibike announced a product recall on its Xduro Race, Superrace and Xduro Urban e-bikes. The voluntary recall is a precautionary step based on results of independent safety testing, which is standard procedure for all Winora Group products.

Recent product safety testing concluded the Haibike-manufactured fork used in Haibike Xduro Race, Superrace and Urban models may rupture or break prematurely when exposed to extreme forces. Given the serious risk of injury, Haibike urges consumers to cease riding all affected models and follow recall procedures detailed on the brand’s website.

The following models have been recalled:

  • Haibike Xduro Urban (2014 and 2015 models)
  • Haibike Xduro Urban RC (2016 models)
  • Haibike Xduro Race (2014 and 2015 models)
  • Haibike Xduro Superrace (2014 and 2015 models)
  • Haibike Xduro Race S RX (2016 models)
  • Haibike Xduro Urban S RX (2016 models)

Haibike informed their dealers of the recall and each dealer will be equipped with all necessary information regarding the recall procedure.

For questions on the recall, including how to ascertain which Haibikes are affected, visit: haibike.com/en-US/US/service/recall.