About 1,100 Perfect Descent Auto Belays climbing devices from C3 Manufacturing are being recalled.

The belay climbing device can loosen and can cause slack on the rope allowing the climber to fall. Climbing while tethered to a malfunctioning belay can cause serious injury or death. No accidents have been reported.

The items were sold at Aerial Adventure Technologies nationwide and online at perfectdescent.com from February 2017 through April 2019.

The recall involves Perfect Descent Auto Belay Model 220 Indoor, Outdoor, Speed Drive and Direct Drive auto belay climbing devices.  Belay devices are used with climbing ropes to protect the climber while climbing, to arrest a fall or while being lowered on the rope. The devices were sold in yellow and black and have “Perfect Descent” printed on the top of the devices. The recalled belay devices have the following serial number ranges printed on the bottom of the device:

Serial Number Manufacture Dates

  • I-0970 through I-3109 (February 2017 through November 2018)
  • S-0604 through S-1609 (March 2017 through December 2018)
  • S-1695 through S-1762 (February 2019 through March 2019)
  • D-1015 through D-1385 (June 2018 through December 2018)
  • D-1572 through D-1705 (February 2019 through March 2019)
  • D-1710 through D-1722 (March 2019)
  • D-1726 through D-1751 (March 2019 through April 2019)
  • D-1761 through D-1777 (April 2019)
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled belay devices and contact C3 Manufacturing to receive a free repair. The firm contacted all known purchasers directly on October 21, 2019.
Photo courtesy Perfect Descent