Boulder, CO-based Real Athlete Diets (RAD) makes prepared, performance-focused whole food for athletes. RAD’s health-conscious menu services the needs of high-performing pros, athlete camps, busy professionals, health nuts, runners, hikers, college kids, bike shop employee – anyone who understands the tremendous difference nutrient-rich foods can make to your health, active performance and overall mood.

Morgan Newlon, who owns and operates RAD with his wife Kelly Bailey Newlon, is a veteran of the outdoor industry, previously the channel manager for field sales at American Recreation Products and customer service manager for Kelty, Sierra Designs and Slumberjack.

Newlon’s new endeavor with RAD celebrated its first birthday this summer.

A chef since age 15, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and teacher at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Kelly shares her husband’s devotion to fostering optimal wellbeing through food and exercise. Kelly balances her love of cooking with high-endurance ultra marathons.

“You have to eat,” said Morgan during an exclusive interview with SGB out on Boulder’s foothills trails. “And you have to start taking care of yourself with food.”

Accompanying his experience working in customer service and retail with outdoor industry brands, Morgan’s knowledge reflects his own on and off-road cycling career. With the understanding that the right fuel is essential to increasing health and performance, Morgan veered from the corporate path and dedicated himself fully to growing RAD. Whether peeling carrots or making deliveries, he and Kelly are fully immersed in their small yet promising business.

RAD delivers to your doorstep or event on a designated delivery day (Monday, Wednesday or Friday), and has vegetarian and gluten free options. Each meal, with the exception of meat-heavy dishes, comes to about $10. Dishes currently include a Farmers Market Box, Chimichurri Chicken with Mango Slaw, Chorizo Chickpea Ragout, Dark Chocolate Hibiscus Truffles, and more – although new items are constantly being added, depending on the availability of fresh, local and organic produce.

One RAD eater, outdoor industry professional and CrossFit athlete said, “So often vegetarian menu options are an afterthought, but it was apparent that RAD put an effort into developing a well-rounded menu for vegetarians and vegans alike. I loved the flavor and kick of the Not So Green Chili. It paired nicely with the Swiss Char Salad with goat cheese. I felt full all afternoon with half a soup and half a salad and still had plenty of energy to knock out the workout of the day at CrossFit after work.”

Another RAD eater, mountain athlete, former mountain bike racer and bike commuter who spends over 250 miles a week in the saddle said, “Eating real foods prepared with my sport and daily lifestyle in mind makes all the difference in the world.”

Ultra-runner Timothy “Timmy” Olson and cylocross athlete Nicole Duke are among the more than five competitive athletes that also shout the praise of RAD. These athletes make up the roster for the RAD athlete ambassador program.

Although currently operating with less than five employees and servicing only Boulder County, RAD stands for something much larger. The greatest outdoor innovations from GoPro to Garmin started with a knowledge and passion for the industry and its users.

As RAD turns the corner into its second year in business, Kelly and Morgan expressed their excitement for watching the company evolve. “It’s a merge of two worlds: outdoor and culinary,” said Kelly.

In the end, “We both get geeked out on people enjoying food,” she added. “And it may sound corny, but food really does bring people together.”