Puma partnered with Mountain View, CA-based motion science company Lumo Bodytech to introduce a new Puma product powered by Lumo’s artificial intelligence coaching platform.

Lumo Bodytech combines sensor data and advanced algorithms to optimize human movement designed to improve health, performance and injury prevention. Lumo’s solutions measure and analyze motions of the human body and provide real-time feedback.

In collaboration with Puma, Lumo is expanding its MotionScience. “Lumo and Puma have a shared vision for building a new, cutting edge AI product and we’re thrilled to provide this solution to people all around the world,” said Monisha Perkash, CEO and co-founder of Lumo Bodytech. “We’re also excited to expand our Lumo MotionScience Platform to build next-generation capabilities for PUMA’s market-leading sports performance products.”

Photo courtesy Puma and Lumo Bodytech