Puma North America and Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. jointly announced the completion of a 1.9 megawatt (MW) solar energy system in greater Los Angeles. The two Brookvale International buildings, in Carson and Torrance, are part of Puma North America’s warehouse and distribution facilities.

The high performance solar installations have used over 8,500 high efficiency solar photovoltaic (PV) panels covering nearly 340,000 square feet of roof-top area converting them into clean energy producing sites. The light-gauge steel, customer designed racking system, designed and installed by Premier Power, allowed to optimize roof space while used fewer ballast blocks than traditional system. Given the optimal design of the roof-mounted solar system, Puma will receive the advantageous electricity production, which will allow them to stabilize long-term electricity rates, ultimately benefiting its customers, employees and the local communities.

“PUMA is certainly a significant trendsetter in sportlifestyle, a true leader in sustainability and environmental concerns and now with the solar power installations, a true advocate of renewable energy helping shape consumers and suppliers minds to a much greener supply chain,” said Dean Marks, Chief Executive Officer at Premier Power. “Our engineering team designed this unique racking system as a solution out of our European operations and felt that the design and capabilities provided the best option for meeting the site characteristics and production needs of PUMA.”

“PUMA’s mission is to be the most desirable and sustainable SportLifestyle company in the world,” said Helmut Leibbrandt, Senior Vice President of Operations at PUMA North America. “The solar energy system installed in our California facilities continues to reinforce our beliefs and principles.”


The solar system installation consists of 8,547 high efficiency solar PV panels, equal to approximately 380 residential solar systems, based on median residential solar system size in 2010. The solar arrays cover approximately 340,000 square feet of roof space. Premier Power designed and engineered the solar systems to produce approximately 2.2 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually. For comparison, the electricity generated onsite will be approximately enough to offset the annual carbon monoxide emission of 243 California homes or avoiding the annual carbon monoxide emission from using 4,662 barrels of oil or 225,501 gallons of gasoline.