Pro Keds has reached a new distribution deal with Market America Inc., an Internet marketing and product brokerage company

“There needs to be a new way other than traditional retail outlets for people to purchase products,” said Damon Dash, Co-Founder of Roc-a-fella records and Rocawear Clothing and CEO of PRO-Keds America, when asked why he partnered with Market America. “Partnering with Market America is a revolutionary way to teach the audience about our products while bringing New York City to the people.”


James (JR) Ridinger, president and CEO of Market America Inc., said the partnership is an important step in Market America's goal of continuing to provide the ultimate online shopping destination for customers world-wide. “Implementing a universal shopping cart means a customer can literally take care of all their shopping needs while catching up on the latest world news, seeing if they are going to need an umbrella when they leave the house, view their stock portfolio, and catch up on the latest sports, fashion and celebrity news without ever leaving”


PRO-Keds footwear are available in the shoe section on