The United States District Court for the District of Delaware has dismissed with prejudice the case of Jetboil, Inc. v. Fenix Outdoor AB et al, Primus announced. This lawsuit was brought by Jetboil to halt marketing and sales efforts of the Primus EtaSolo stove in the U.S.

According to a statement from Primus, Jetboil’s campaign against Primus was the result of the wealth of media platforms reporting on the introduction of the EtaSolo stove at the Outdoor Retailer-Summer Market trade show.  Shortly thereafter, Jetboil filed a complaint on Aug. 3rd, 2010, alleging that Fenix Outdoor AB, Primus AB, Brunton Outdoor, Inc. and N.A. Gear LLC (collectively, Primus) infringed a number of U.S. Patents by making and selling the EtaSolo stove product.      

“We are, of course, very happy with the outcome,” said John Smithbaker, president of the Brunton Outdoor Group.  “Now we can get back to placing our full attention on what we do best: designing, marketing, and selling some of the finest camp stoves available anywhere.”

This past fall, Primus answered these allegations asserting both defenses and counterclaims that they did not infringe the asserted patents and that the patents-in-suit were invalid.  Before discovery was even completed, Jetboil agreed to dismiss its complaint with prejudice, and Primus agreed to dismiss their counterclaims, Primus said.  Under the court’s  March 31 order, Jetboil is barred from again bringing suit alleging that the EtaSolo product infringes any of the patents-in-suit, according to Primus.  

Primus is a member of the Brunton Outdoor Group, a family of cutting edge outdoor brands.