Primary Arms Government has added Matthew Foust in the role of eastern region Law Enforcement (LE) sales agent. As an LE Sales Agent, Foust, shown bottom right, will assist its Law Enforcement partners through the purchasing process from initial information requests through post procurement product support.

From 2003 to 2012, Foust worked within a Special Reaction Team of the USMC’s Military Police. In this role, he served through a wide variety of capacities including scene isolation, marksmanship and security and managed requisitions and tracked equipment inventory. As an instructor, he trained students in foundational Law Enforcement techniques, demonstrating leadership and attention to detail. Since 2012, Matthew has worked in various roles for firearms and outdoor sales and translating his training in the Marines to better business practices.

“We had gotten to a point where it became clear that our fast-growing Government Business required another Sales Agent,” said Özge Cumberland, Primary Arms Vice President. “We sought out someone who is knowledgeable, passionate and skilled in the LE community. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome another valuable Veteran and the newest member to our team, Matthew Foust.”

Photo courtesy Primary Arms Government