Broomfield, CO (June 18, 2024) – As the world of fitness training continues to evolve, so does the overall understanding of footwear’s impact on performance and natural movement. It’s with this at the forefront that today, Xero Shoes announced a new relationship with Life Time, the nation’s premier healthy lifestyle brand as the official barefoot/minimalist footwear of its Dynamic Personal Training and Alpha Signature Group Training programs.

This new partnership introduces Xero Shoes’ natural comfort and performance to Life Time’s team of more than 3,500 Dynamic Personal Trainers and Alpha Coaches with the goal of inspiring and educating Life Time members on the benefits of minimalist shoes as part of their training programs and classes. 

Xero Shoes are crafted to mimic a natural, barefoot experience during workouts, designed with wider, foot-shaped​ toe boxes and zero-drop, flexible soles. According to Dr. Sarah Ridge’s research, walking in minimalist shoes has been shown to build foot strength as much as doing an 8-week foot strengthening exercise program.

“We’re thrilled that Life Time recognized how Xero Shoes can help their team of Dynamic Personal Trainers, Coaches and members perform better and experience the benefits of natural movement both in and out of the gym,” says Xero Shoes Co-Founder Steven Sashen. “Life Time and Xero Shoes are bringing our shared communities together and, emphasizing positivity, health, and life-changing footwear.”

As part of the relationship, Life Time members will have the opportunity to participate in events at select clubs to test a variety of Xero Shoes styles to understand the benefits and differences these shoes may provide for their desired goals. These events will showcase the shoes’ unique features and educate attendees on the advantages of embracing natural movement in their fitness routines. 

“Given the expertise and experience of our Dynamic Personal Trainers, they recognize the benefits of training in a minimal shoe, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with the best in category, Xero Shoes, as trainers and to share with our clients,” said Ryan Sonnenburg, Vice President of Personal Training at Life Time. “We can’t wait to see how our clients increase their own performance and output as they incorporate Xero into their routines.”

Details of the agreement were not disclosed. For more information on Life Time personal training programs and Alpha Signature Group Training programs, visit