Wolverine Worldwide (WWW) has partnered with Envoy B2B using its e-commerce platform to support the relationship it has with retailers, distributors and sales reps using digital conferencing.

Using Envoy’s showroom functionality, WWW held its Global Brand Conference in May (during the height of COVID-19) for its brands to leverage digital showrooms to introduce new product lines to retailers in pre-recorded and live videos sessions. WWW also used its assortment and merchandising functionality with video conferencing to conduct line planning meetings with accounts. 

“By leveraging Envoy B2B, we were able to successfully adjust our go-to-market strategy to launch our first digital brand conference,” Ultimately, we were able to go from ‘survival mode’ to ‘thrive mode’ by aligning our teams to a digital mindset and taking advantage of digital tools like Envoy’s B2B’s platform,” said Dee Slater, CIO, WWW.

This month WWW will hold its second virtual Global Brand Conference in partnership with Envoy B2B digital technology offerings.