VSSL introduced its VSSL x FCS Surf Supply Kit, designed to store essential surf repair components in a compact, lightweight and easy-to-access capsule.

“We partnered with FCS, an expert in surf, to develop the ideal assortment of equipment to give you and your gear confidence and protection during those incredible days on the water,” said Todd Weimer, founder of VSSL. “The compact, functional and minimalist design makes the VSSL x FCS Surf Repair Kit an easy add to any adventure pack.”

With a four-mode LED lantern endcap, the Kit offers 20 hours of continuous light and 40 hours of SOS display. Contents include six Tenacious Tapes for temporary wetsuit repair, three Puka Patches and Buff Pads for quick board repair; Phix Doctor Resin, a UV-activated repair resin with sandpaper and applicator for more permanent repairs; thumb screw and plate for repairing longboard and SUP fins; six FCS Fin screws and FCS Fin Key, backup fin screws and a fin key for tightening; Bamboo wax comb for removing wax or roughing up existing wax for better traction; and three zip ties for leash repair or miscellaneous gear repair.

The Wound Cover Kit includes six wound closure strips for deeper wounds and four bandages (two large and two small) for lighter wound coverage.

Other items in the kit include a four-hour beeswax candle, a fire striker kit with five waterproof tinder quickfire starting tabs, a Tethered Ferrocerium Rod, a ceramic striker in protective housing, and multipurpose “adventure” tape for wound care, gear repairs, marking trails, and other applications.

Photo courtesy VSSL