Vimazi reported it released the first styles of its pace-tuned running shoes online, with a release date at retail in several weeks.

“We’re breaking with the old-school thinking that a mega-thick ‘bouncy’ shoe helps you run faster,” said Vimazi CEO Scott Tucker. “The idea that you can put energy into a shoe and it will make you faster by returning more energy violates the law of energy conservation. At Vimazi, we’ve tuned the densities of the heel versus the forefoot in each of our models, so they compress optimally to forces of the impact and propulsion phases of the stride which vary according to the pace you run. Doing this delivers more shock absorption at impact and minimizes energy loss at push-off. Over the long run, our shoes reduce cumulative strain on the body and maximize efficiency.”

This week the Z40 (6:15-7:45 min/mi), Z50 (7:15-8:45 min/mi), Z60 (8:30-10:30 mini/mi) and Z70 (10:00-12:30 mini/mi) will ship.  The Z20 and Z30 are scheduled to arrive in early spring. With additional trail and walking shoes later in 2023. 

“We’re stoked to share our pace-tuned running shoes with the world,” says Vimazi Chief Marketing Officer, John Zilly. “Vimazi has shoes that will give every runner the best performance and efficacy no matter if they are a casual weekly runner or an elite pro, and we can’t wait for everyone to try them out.”

Specialty retailers carrying the running shoes, include Shu’s Idaho Running Company, Boise, ID; North Coast Runners Supply, Astoria, OR; Seven Hills Running, Seattle, WA; NW Tri & Bike, Kent, WA; and Elephant’s Perch, Ketchum, ID. 

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