Missoula, Mont. (December 6, 2021) VIM & VIGR, creator of stylish and comfortable compression socks for all walks of life, is excited to announce the launch of its spring 2022 collection of graduated compression socks, leg sleeves and tights available at retail starting in February ‘22. The collection features fun prints and fresh, whimsical designs in happy colors, available in three compression levels: moderate (15-20 mmHg), moderate-firm (20-30 mmHg) and firm (30-40 mmHg, medical-grade compression generally recommended or prescribed by your doctor).

VIM & VIGR’s entire spring ‘22 collection is made with medical-specific knitting machines to provide graduated compression from the ankle and through the calf. They also feature a high needle-count and multidimensional weave, allowing for both breathability and flexibility. The spring collection includes three new leg sleeve colors and a new seamless toe nylon compression sock. Also new for spring is an open toe sock available in two fabrics (cotton blend and moisture-wick nylon) that features the benefits of graduated compression while still allowing for summer sandal wear. Moisture-phobic nylon fabric does not absorb sweat or moisture making them versatile enough to wear out on the trails or into the office.

“Our design focus for the new collection was to create a bright palette of eye-catching colors and fun prints to mark a fresh, positive start to the new year,” said Michelle Huie, founder of VIM & VIGR. “Since compression socks can be worn every day to improve general health and wellness yet can also be prescribed by a doctor to treat a range of medical conditions, we were especially mindful to add some cheerful, lightheartedness to the collection. When you wear watermelon-print socks, it really does set a joyful mood for the day.”

Graduated compression can be worn every day and has many wellness benefits, promotes healing and can improve health by increasing circulation, regulating temperature, assisting with pain relief from strained muscles or swollen joints and aiding in muscle recovery. Ideal for a variety of uses including travel, long stretches working from home on the computer, standing for long periods of time, leg swelling during pregnancy and more. It’s like a nice hug for your lower leg.

External graduated pressure from compression socks help stimulate blood and fluid from the lower extremities and help refresh your legs. Compression socks or leg sleeves are also great for running and sport pursuits because they help increase circulation in the legs and help stabilize muscles. Doctors and physical therapists recommend compression socks to help improve many conditions to increase post-workout muscle recovery from leg swelling or edema to shin splints.

The collection is available in unisex sizing with standard and wide calf options. Premium fabrics include cotton, Merino wool, nylon and moisture-wick nylon. All compression socks feature a contoured leg and heel to allow for superior fit and a flexible toe pocket for extra comfort. Collection MSRP range $32-$54.

For more information on the health benefits of compression socks please visit www.vimvigr.com. For wholesale inquiries regarding VIM & VIGR’s spring 2022 collection, please contact Kristi Huber, support@vimvigr.com.