Vasque Footwear created a new brand tagline supported by a global brand campaign to “inspire consumers to disconnect to reconnect with themselves, each other and their full potential.”

During the pandemic, Vasque did a deep dive into the company’s history, how people go outside and how future generations will go outside. The result is a body of work that morphed into its new tagline that embodies what the brand brings to market, “inspiring people to find reprieve from the stress of the every day, every day by disconnecting and going outside.”

“The brand has stood for the ideals of ‘Log Outside’ since 1964; this is just the first time we’re bringing it to the world in a modern way,” said Joe Peters, marketing director at Vasque Footwear. “We’ve found that a major barrier that stands between our consumers and finding time outside can be found on screens. In the future, we will not only make world-class footwear that performs outside, but we’ll utilize our platforms to ensure we’re providing gentle reminders to ourselves and our consumers that there are places just beyond your screen that can provide us all with restorative qualities that we won’t find on our feeds.”

The ‘Log Outside’ message will show up at all touchpoints with the brand. Traditional landing pages will ask customers to “put down their devices and go outside.” Social channels will give users a “refreshing moment of reprieve from their feeds.” Vasque will urge followers “not to like their posts entering for a chance to win local State Park passes.” Emails from Vasque will serve as reminders “to disconnect and go outside.” Vasque will introduce “a new social call-to-action urging their followers to ‘forget their phones on purpose’ on their hikes.” And the brand “will accept time spent disconnected from technology outside as currency in exchange for new product via its Log Outside Project.”

“The Log Outside Project debuted in Boulder, CO, on March 18, where consumers could experience Log Outside in action. Locals dropped off their mobile devices and locked them in secure lockers while continuing their journey outside. After one hour, participants returned to retrieve their phones, a new pair of Vasque Breeze hiking boots and a signal-locking pouch to recreate the experience in the future.”