UYN, the technical sportswear manufacturer based in Italy, introduced a Self Layer collection for men and women that is “100 percent bio-based with a patented design using one tube of fabric with one seam and no cuts.” Combining the functionality of a base layer with the look of a shirt, UYN uses “Fullmotion construction that reduces CO2 emissions by 15 percent.”

Manufactured in Pennsylvania, the Self Layer collection includes three styles—AeroCross Self Layer for an active lifestyle, HydroCross Self Layer for high-intensity workouts and TerraCross Self Layer for trekking mountains—and will be available for spring 2024 at select U.S. retailers and through its owned site.

The Self Layer is “designed to be worn on the skin, providing the coverage and functionality of traditional shirts. The technology reflects years of intensive research from AREAS (Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sports), Trerè Innovation’s state-of-the-art R&D facility,” said UYN.

The Self Layer’s point of difference is “UYN’s Fullmotion construction, a proprietary technology creating a garment from a single tube of fabric, with one seam and no cuts. This design technique reduces textile waste to a mere four grams and enhances production efficiency, reducing time by 15 percent and electricity consumption by 15 percent, which corresponds to a 15 percent decrease in CO2 emissions,” continued UYN.

“Self Layer redefines what’s possible in outdoor apparel,” said UYN Head of Communications, Mattia Bazzoni. “Each piece embodies a dedication to performance, comfort and eco-consciousness. This collection enables consumers to pursue an active lifestyle with performance apparel that respects our planet.”

“Self Layer uses UYN’s own nature-derived fibers including Coolth_SL from cotton linters, the thin filaments that envelop seeds, for built-in cooling capabilities and Ariacel, made from the cellulose of wood pulp filaments, for natural quick-drying. Both of these materials are not only smooth and comfortable on the skin, but also, biodegradable within months, depending on conditions.

“The Self Layer collection is available in three fits tailored to different activities and preferences. The support fit provides slight compression to stabilize and support muscles, while the regular fit lays against the body without being tight. For those preferring a relaxed fit, the comfort fit has extra room, especially in the chest and torso,” UYN continued.

UYN also reported it is “scheduled to open its first store in Boston in fall 2023.”