UYN, a manufacturer of sustainable technical apparel, footwear and accessories based in Italy, introduced the Bio-Trekking Socks collection for men and women. The line features bio-based materials and proprietary Zerocuff technology to prevent slipping, increase blood flow, and reduce fatigue.

Manufactured at UYN’s headquarters in Asola, the socks are available in three styles: Biotrek, Biotrek Heavy Duty and Biotrek Light, and will be available in spring 2024 through select retailers.

“The introduction of the Bio-Trekking Socks collection is an important milestone in our commitment to sustainable performance accessories,” said UYN CEO Marco Redini. “By combining Zerocuff technology with eco-conscious biomaterials, we’ve engineered a line of socks that aligns with our vision of blending top-line performance with comfort.”

UYN’s Bio-Trekking Socks use:

  • Zero Cuff Technology: A leg support system ensuring the sock does not constrict the leg or slip while enhancing blood circulation;
  • Target Compression Bandage: A double asymmetric bandage for localized compression and breathable support;
  • Anti Impactor: A frontal shock-absorbent 3D knitted structure for protection and efficient foot ventilation;
  •  Ergologic Footbed: An anatomically shaped footbed to relieve athletic stresses and movement;
  • Cool Air Flow: A 3D micro-channel structure for increased air circulation and temperature regulation
  •  Interior Ankle Guard: Integrated into the shin for reduced pressure during outdoor activities;
  • Preshock Shield: A 3D knitted Achilles tendon shock-absorbing technology to improve performance and comfort.

UYN’s Bio-Trekking Socks collection is designed and developed at the Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sports (AREAS) Trerè Innovation’s R&D facility.

UYN reported it will open its first U.S. store in Boston this coming fall.