Celebrating pursuits and interests in running and fastpacking, Ultimate Direction has selected 40 athletes committed to exemplifying dedication to their sports and communities. 

“We are grateful to have such a dedicated roster of athletes, not only to their athletic endeavors but to the communities they are creating,” said Ultimate Direction’s Athlete Manager Mitch Holdsworth. “Ultimate Direction is committed to building a strong relationship with our athletes—accentuating their stories, sharing adventures, growing the sport, and helping spearhead product development.”

The 2022 Ultimate Direction team includes:

  • Ryan Montgomery, Ultrarunner
  • Adrian MacDonald, Ultrarunner
  • Dani Moreno, Trail runner
  • Rod Farvard, Ultrarunner
  • Scott Mehring, Trail runner
  • Faye Baldock, Ultrarunner 
  • Cameron James, OCR  

2022 Returning Athletes include:

  • Kelly Wolf, Ultrarunner 
  • Amelia Boone, Ultrarunner/OCR
  • Grayson Murphy, Trail/road/track runner
  • Nicole Bitter, Ultrarunner
  • Sandi Nypaver, Ultrarunner
  • Jacky Hunt-Broersma, Ultrarunner 
  • Jen Segger, FKTs/Adventurer
  • Jason Schlarb, Mountain runner
  • John Kelly, Ultrarunner/FKTs 
  • Zach Bitter, Ultrarunner 
  • Joseph Gray, Adventure
  • Karel Sabbe, Ultrarunner

To read the full athlete team roster, go here