Delray Beach, Florida & Athens, Greece (February 28, 2024) – TRX, the global leader in functional training products and world-class training content, celebrated its 20-year anniversary by attempting and breaking the Guinness World Records title for largest suspension training lesson. 422 people participated in the record-breaking showcase taking place during TRX’s global training summit in Athens, Greece, hosted in partnership with Greece’s premier fitness group Alterlife.

Founded in 2004, TRX first powered the functional fitness movement with its innovative flagship product, the iconic black-and-yellow TRX Suspension Trainer. As the creators of the Suspension Trainer and Suspension Training modality, this record signifies an impressive 20-year run as the preeminent functional training brand in the world and produced a significant milestone in TRX’s corporate history.

“The size of this record-breaking suspension training class in Athens demonstrates TRX’s global leadership in functional training,” said TRX CEO, Jack Daly. “TRX has been the most versatile piece of exercise equipment available since US Navy Seal Randy Hetrick brought it to market 20 years ago.”

The TRX Training Summit in Athens was hosted in partnership with Alterlife and A2Z Fitness on the historic grounds of the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games. There were more than 600 attendees, representing the largest TRX Summit in the company’s two-decade history, where fitness instructors, coaches and enthusiasts spent two days at the Olympic basketball arena getting the latest training and world-class coaching to inspire the next generation of TRX Trainers.

“Over the last decade, Alterlife has been a leading fitness brand in Greece and Cyprus with more than 80 gyms across the two countries, and this collaboration and world-record breaking performance set new boundaries in the fitness Industry,” said Alterlife CEO, Tilemachos Koukouflis. “By achieving this Guinness World Records title for the largest suspension training lesson, our trainers have demonstrated unparalleled expertise and dedication, elevating the fitness experience to new heights of excellence for our members.”

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