Tonal home gym and personal trainer announced Smart Flex, a method to get stronger using variable resistance with digital weights.

Smart Flex weight training technology changes resistance down to the millisecond, increasing weight where the user is at their strongest in the movement and reducing the weight at the weakest point but keeps muscles engaged through the entire range of motion.

This type of training is exclusive to Tonal with its patented digital weight system and not easily replicated with traditional weights and dumbells. 

 “Tonal has blazed the way for a new category in connected fitness, which is intelligent fitness,” said Aly Orady, CEO, Tonal. “Our revolutionary digital weights have allowed us to unlock new possibilities in strength training through advanced AI, and Smart Flex is the latest example of how digital weight enables more efficient workouts and faster results while being extremely personalized.” 

After more than five years of product development, Tonal is offering a combination of digital adaptive resistance training with AI software for a more personalized and more effective full-body workout. 

For more product information, go here.

Logo courtesy Tonal