Tifosi Optics, the U.S. cycling eyewear brand, reported expanding its Clarion Blue Fototec Lens collection to “instantly adapt to changes in ambient light conditions, “allowing cyclists freedom from changing lenses mid-ride. Tifosi offers the lens combination in its cycling shields: Rail, Sledge and Sledge Lite. 

“One of the only lenses on the market to combine a mirror and photochromic technology,” Clarion Blue Fototec begins nearly clear and darkens to a smoke tint with a blue mirror in sunlight. The inclusion of the Clarion Blue mirror repels moisture and sweat for clearer visibility. 

Clarion Blue Fototec is Tifosi’s darkest photochromic lens option, providing “46 percent light transmission in low light and 13 percent in full sun. The lens is constructed with shatterproof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate material for “long-time use and durability.”

“Since launching with the Rail XC in February 2023, sales for the Clarion Blue Fototec lens have skyrocketed,” commented Joe Earley, owner of Tifosi Optics. “Especially popular amongst cyclists, it was a no-brainer to offer the technology in our three best-selling cycling shields.” 

Each frame features Grilamid TR-90 frames, no-slip hydrophilic ear and nose pads, and “maximum protection” via an oversized shield. Available in a Matte Black colorway

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Photo courtesy Tifosi