The brainchild of two entrepreneurial and driven women, The Nook Online is a new ‘base camp’ and community platform for women in business, with the added bonus of a spectacular outdoors location and accessible network. Having launched in January, 2019, The Nook Online is an online platform that physically manifests at several immersive events during the year, a space that provides inspiration, networking, resources, conversation, and community, for those who seek to do better, be better and be the face of change for those around them.

Noa Ries and Kim Havens, co-founders of The Nook Online, both moms and entrepreneurs who made the lifestyle choice to relocate with their families from bustling urban cities to the outdoors mecca and oasis that is Sun Valley, ID, realizing in the process that the availability of women-led programs and networks in business are scant and much needed.

“We believe that by combining intellectual and conversation-led opportunities with the impactful powers of the outdoors, a kind of ‘magic’ can result — the ability of the outdoors to inspire, equalize, dare you and nurture you,” said the co-founder of The Nook Online, Noa Ries. “We wanted to help offer that to more women, as an ongoing resource and community that can help create confidence and collaboration, for women of all backgrounds.”

The Nook Online presented its first in-person event on February 19th, 2019, in Sun Valley, Idaho, with the topic of Risk & Resilience. Keynote speakers include Dr. Caneel Joyce, PhD Executive Coach and Advisor, Partner in Evolution; Ruthie Ackerman Former Deputy Editor of ForbesWomen; Cate Luzio Founder and CEO, Luminary; Jodie Fox Co-Founder and Creative Director, Shoes of Prey; Michelle Cordeiro Grant Founder and CEO; Lively and Rebecca Rusch, Athlete, Author, Adventurer and CEO.

Events throughout the year include a Purpose & Power retreat July 20-21 and an intimate and immersive 5-day experience, The Nook Retreat, September 16-20 at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch in Stanley, Idaho.

In New York in April this year, join members from The Nook Online and Luminary to an evening of workshops to Banish Burnout and Put Your Best Foot Forward with psychologist and coach, Kristina Hallett and Nicole Meyer, Founder and Managing Partner at the Meyer Partnership.

The event will be held at Luminary headquarters in NYC on Thursday, April 25, 2019, from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at Luminary; 1204 Broadway, New York, NY 10001.

Tickets can be purchased here

The Nook Online offers a tiered system of memberships, from $20/Month or $200/Year to a top tier success driver at $2000/Year, with half-price offered to Founding Members.

The Nook Online also has an impact initiative built into the community structure;

Get One – Upon purchase of an Annual Junko Tabei membership, access to Base Camp is approved. Be inspired by meaningful conversations and curated content written by subject matter experts within the community of like-minded, determined women.
Give One – Upon purchase of an Annual Junko Tabei membership, an Annual Annie Londonderry membership is provided to a woman of the purchasers choosing that would benefit.
Donate One – one-percent of all Membership Fees will be annually donated to Nook-approved charities that support women.

The Nook Online is available to all women, from The Nook podcast conversations, to content curation and events, with digital passes available to those not able to attend whether a member or not, but more access, opportunities, and resources are provided through the membership program.

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