kratch Labs released Blueberry flavored Energy Chew Sport Fuel, formerly Sport Energy Chews, made with blueberries, plus 50mg of caffeine from green tea, extending the brand’s line of fruit energy chews, which includes Sour Cherry, Raspberry, Orange, and Matcha Green Tea & Lemon.

Energy Chew Sport Fuel flavors are available in 50g singles and 10-pack caddies.  

“These chews are for when you’re going hard and need steady energy that won’t upset your stomach,” said Dr. Allen Lim, founder of Skratch Labs. “Made with real blueberries, they have a mildly sweet flavor and a caffeine boost. They’re blueberries in sport mode.”  

Skratch Labs Energy Chew Sport Fuel uses two types of simple carbohydrates, glucose and fructose, to speed the absorption of energy into your body. They are an easy and convenient source of carbohydrates to help maintain blood sugar and performance during hard and long workouts and are free of waxes, oils, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavoring agents.

Photo courtesy Skratch Labs