SKLZ has introduced a collection of baseball batting tees and training aids to improve a player’s swing and batting average. The equipment offers players the ability to train in their backyard or at an open or enclosed facility.

The collection includes the Launch Tee Elite for hitting a ball at an optimal launch angle. The weighted tee shows more of the ball than a standard tee so players can focus on the lower middle portion of a ball for increased carry and distance. The tee top flexes on impact for a more realistic contact without interfering with a players’ swing. The height adjusts from 20- to 39-inches and the tee comes off the base for easy storage.


The Suspended Ball Tee Elite offers players an inverted tee that holds a ball in a suspended position exposing the bottom of the ball so batters can focus on hitting at the optimal launch angle. The equipment flexes on impact without interfering with the swing. The tee breaks down quickly with the aid of a quick-release pin and its weighted base has handles on both sides to move the equipment easily.

The 7.5-foot x 7-foot Suspended Sport Net attaches to most garage doors or open spaces by its connection points. The fiberglass bottom pole reduces kickback. The connection points make it a strong surface to take hard hits. The net rolls up for quick storage.

The Pro Tee Elite, available in December, is designed to improve a batter’s swing by maximizing reps during practice. If contact is made with the tee top, the material flexes on impact for more realistic ball contact without interfering with a player’s swing. The tee exposes the right amount of the ball for more accurate training, and the adjustable height allows for different pitch locations. The tee removes from its base for quick setup, breakdown and storage.

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Photo courtesy SKLZ