Sitka released its Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag. Designed as an extension to consumer’s clothing system, the Kelvin Aerolite 30 is Sitka’s “final layer of mobile warmth.”

Its multifunctional design includes zippered arm holes, contoured shoulders and hood and a center-front two-way zipper. A stowed hook at the bottom of the bag connects to an interior loop for consumers to shorten the bag.

“We built the Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag with the same design principles we use for building any of our clothing systems, performance, durability and functionality,” said John Barklow, big game product manager, Sitka. “The sleeping bag is the final part of your clothing system and it was built to maximize efficiency so that you can stay focused on in-the-field objectives.”

Weighing just 38oz, the bag features PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core technology. Mimicking the benefits of down while offering the warm-when-wet, low-bulk performance of synthetic insulation, PrimaLoft Cross Core Onsulation fibers (35 percent recycled) are infused with silica aerogel, a nearly weightless material that’s composed of more than 95 percent air that reduces weight and acts as additional thermal insulation. Earning a 30-degree comfort rating (ISO 23537), the bag is designed to be worn with the Sitka clothing system for full-season performance.

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