Envoy B2B announced today that they will be welcoming Intrigue Ink as a new client. Intrigue Ink, located in Bozeman, Montana, launched in 2011. Recognizing that the Handmade Movement was in full-swing, sisters Paige and Tatum Johnson decided to join forces and use their superpowers to create fascinating and eye-catching screen printed apparel. Running the business out of their garage, they first started selling at flea markets, but demand grew quickly. In 2016 they ditched the garage to open up their own space, built a talented team around them, and haven’t looked back since. Recent success in wholesale had them looking for better ways to manage that side of the business. 

Intrigue Ink had experience with other wholesale B2B platforms, but always thought they felt clunky and impersonal. They set out to find a solution that could deliver a user-friendly and modern shopping experience, similar to their D2C site, but fine tuned towards the intricacies of wholesale. 

With Envoy B2B, Intrigue Ink will offer retailers a single destination to learn about the brand and engage with their seasonal content through the Envoy Digital Showroom feature. They can also browse catalogs and tailored product assortments, download brand and product assets, and place wholesale orders on their own time. 

“We are excited to showcase our brand to other buyers in an easy to use, professional way, that highlights our company’s fantastic design.  Our aim is to make the user’s experience enjoyable and straightforward when ordering and reordering our apparel!” says Tatum Johnson.  

Overall, the Envoy B2B platform will help Intrigue Ink create dynamic content, increase the speed and accuracy of the retail ordering process, and provide them with convenient trade show tools for digital line showings, online or offline order creation, and onboarding of new retail accounts. 

“We look forward to combining our wholesale super powers with their screen printing super powers to empower their sales reps and delight their retail partners.” said, Jon Faber CEO of Envoy B2B