Boulder, CO, May 2020 – Samsara Mountain Training, the revolutionary, video-based strength program and personalized training program created by mountain guide and personal trainer Zahan Billimoria, announced today that it has named Boulder-based Meteorite PR as its public relations firm of record as it continues to broaden its global footprint.

Founded in 2015, Samsara Mountain Training offers a ‘strength-first’ approach to training for full-spectrum athletic performance. Billimoria is an experienced Exum Mountain Guide based in Jackson Hole, Wyo. and a consultant to leading adventure film and production company Teton Gravity Research. He has spent years studying the science of strength and how to apply it to human performance across the energy system spectrum, from short explosive events to all-day endurance efforts. 

Samsara’s video-based strength program offers four different levels of online training activities and represents a departure from the general fitness trend of high reps, and repetitive movements. Instead, the Samsara bodyweight program involves singular, hard efforts in unstable positions that improve maximal force production, and improve athletic coordination. Billimora also offers private coaching, consulting, and individualized training plans for athletes interested in additional development.

The Samsara method is based on the principles that all physical expressions are a function of our strength, and that strength is the engine of our movement. When we move the needle on our body’s ability to express its maximum force we are making the most fundamental shift in our athletic potential. 

A full-spectrum athlete can be explosive in a moment, and yet also be able to last all day. They display both power and endurance. Every attribute must be built singularly, endurance relies on time under moderate effort, strength relies on minimum time under maximum load – they can’t be developed simultaneously. 

Samsara is unique in the fitness world because it uses leverage and instability to create singularly difficult movements, which result in game-changing strength. Rooted in the sports Billimoria knows best after years of training in the mountains – rock and alpine climbing, big mountain skiing, and mountain running – the program’s training philosophy is the culmination of decades of training and testing.

“Samsara Bodyweight training speaks to me personally while complimenting Meteorite’s outdoor passions,” said Eric Henderson, Founder of Meteorite PR. “I have known Zahan for nearly twenty years and observed his progression in the outdoor industry, from communications manager to globally recognized mountain guide. I am excited to help share his bodyweight program with the health, fitness, and wellness community.”

Meteorite PR was founded in 2017 by PR industry veteran Eric Henderson and represents a broad collection of clients including the international house of brands The Oberalp Group, Teton Gravity Research, Rab Equipment and Sweet Protection.

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