Ruffwear released its limited-edition Meadow Stream collection—three products that are made from the excess material it uses to create dog-specific products in the company’s line. The collection pays homage to the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and its effort to limit waste from previous product launches.

“With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, surplus fabric from discontinued gear can get a new outlook on life as the centerpiece for Ruffwear’s Meadow Stream Collection,” said Director of Marketing, Susan Strible. “Repurposing materials cuts back on waste, overhead costs and, most importantly, reduces our overall environmental impact. All of these things are important to us and ultimately helped our team come up with the idea for this new line.”

The limited-edition collection gets its inspiration from the rocks and ripples of water features and includes the Web Master Harness, Quencher Bowl and the Stash Bag. For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy Ruffwear