Roll Recovery, the maker of deep tissue massage therapy tools for recovery and athletic performance, launched its R1 Percussion Massage Device. 

Designed for pre-workouts and recovery post-workout, the R1 is compact, has a quiet motor, seven-plus hour battery life, and compliments the brand’s recovery tools.

“As we explored the percussion device market, we discovered the majority of percussion devices were loud, oversized and overpriced plastic bodies with pretty poor battery life,” said Jeremy Nelson, founder and CEO. “The goal behind designing the R1 was to create a product that is sleek and compact, powerful, exceptionally quiet, and has a long battery life, with some pretty neat color options to add a little bling to our lives. We’re very happy with the outcome as it complements our current line-up of rolling and compression recovery products.”

Tested and inspired by elite athletes, the R1 uses percussive therapy to improve performance and accelerate recovery. With four speeds, 1800 RPM to 3200 RPM, and interchangeable massage heads are suited for pre-workouts, increased range of motion, flexibility, improving muscular strengthen, enhancing neuromuscular performance, post-workout, improved blood flow, loosening stiff muscles, reducing localized muscle pain, preventing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), and calming the nervous system for enhanced sleep quality and tissue repair. 

The R1 is available in four colors—Carbon Black, Ruby Red, Champagne Gold and Mint Green. For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy Roll Recovery