Rnnr [ruhn-er] launched at a local run series in Atlanta last year, released its debut collection of hats, beanies and socks.

“We started rnnr for those who want to look and feel good without spending a fortune on gear,” said Co-founder Kate Arsenault. “We are all about showing people that running is fun no matter how fast or far they go. We want to give runners gear that performs at any distance and is affordable.”

Founded by the husband and wife team Kate and Justin Arsenault, who met at the start of a trail run, they started the company with the simple mission of creating products that solve real problems for everyday runners.

The 2020 collection features designs for its Distance Hat, beanies and socks to go with rnnr’s collection of tees and tanks. The collection drops on November 27.

“Too many brands treat running as an elitist sport reserved for serious athletes to push their limits and make big investments in gear. Really, it should be just as fun and free as just getting out there moving your body,” said Arsenault. “rnnr products get the job done while looking great and not breaking the bank.”

A portion of all rnnr sales fund initiatives to get kids into running. In addition to sponsoring local running events, rnnr has partnered with Vert run to provide training plans to runners of all ages and abilities. The free, eight-week program helps parents and kids run together no matter how big or little the distance.

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