For Spring 2024, Seattle-based Platypus, a division of Cascade Designs, added two filters to its QuickDraw Microfilter line, which it introduced in Spring 2021, the QuickDraw 2L Filter System and the QuickDraw 3L Gravity Filter System. 

The QuickDraw 2L Filter System offers increased storage capacity and ease of use with a fast flow rate and easy-to-squeeze filter system, as does the QuickDraw 3L Gravity Filter System, but is suited for fast-moving groups.

Platypus will also introduce the DayCap In-Bottle Filter that “transforms” wide-mouth water bottles into a “scoop-and-drink” water filter, with a hollow fiber technology that delivers fast-flowing 0.2-micron filtration.

“We’re committed to providing safe, easy and fast filtration to everyone at Platypus, and we’re excited to see these three new filtration systems round out our collection,” said Justin McGregor, product line manager at Platypus. “The QuickDraw Microfilter became a fan favorite when it launched a few years back, and we’re pleased to bring the same technology to two new QuickDraw filtration systems. The DayCap adds more versatility into the Platypus line with its water bottle compatibility, broadening Platy’s reach to include all outdoor users.” 

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