Bellevue, WA – July 1, 2020 – Ombraz Sunglasses, the mastermind behind the world’s most practical and durable sunnies, is thrilled to announce its partnership with fellow dynamic business Darby Communications. As Ombraz’s PR agency of record, Darby Communications will amplify the brand’s lineup of stylish armless shades, increasing its media exposure in the outdoor, active, and mountain lifestyle industries.

In early 2012, a fateful mistake atop a camel in the Thar Desert of India led Jensen Brehm down the entrepreneurial path. After accidentally crushing the arms of his fancy new sunglasses, Jensen was left with a predicament of monstrous proportions—spend the remaining safari sunglass-less and squinting into the blazing sun, or quickly innovate atop his noble steed. A quick-thinking Brehm used twine to MacGyver some makeshift armless sunglasses, saving his eyes and unknowingly turning the sunglass industry on its head.

After years of wearing his MacGyver’d Aviators, Brehm partnered with Nikolai Paloni in 2016 to bring Ombraz to life. Brehm and Paloni spent two years perfecting the Ombraz design, crafting brand aesthetic and voice, and preparing to show the Ombraz Classic to the world. In 2018, Ombraz Sunglasses launched, garnering over $200k in pre-orders with the help of a world-class crowdfunding video. Since inception, Ombraz has gathered an impressive list of accolades and a dedicated following of armless sunglass converts.

With the Classic flourishing, Ombraz is ready to introduce two new styles to the market with the help of Darby Communications. “We’ve been fine-tuning Ombraz for two years and we now have a dialed, scalable, high-performance sunglass that fits incredibly well and looks fantastic on everyone. Our biggest obstacle has been discoverability in this current saturated sunglass market. We are stoked up to work with Darby Comm to introduce this stellar product to the outdoor world,” say co-founders Brehm and Paloni.

“We’ve been watching the innovation from Ombraz for a while now. Jensen and Nikolai have built an impressive brand that combines innovation, style, and top-notch content marketing. These entrepreneurs do it all, from product design to construction, packaging to shipping—they’ve rolled up their sleeves and accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Darby Comm is thrilled to partner with a brand that understands its customers and continues to push the boundaries in an industry in need of innovation,” says Suzanne Hermann, Media Relations Director at Darby Communications.

In addition to its groundbreaking sunglasses, Ombraz is committed to fighting climate change. Through its Ombraz Shade Project, Ombraz has become a leader in carbon sequestration, planting more than 163,000 mangrove trees to date. With the help of its partner Eden Reforestation Project, Ombraz plants 20 mangrove trees for every pair of sunglasses sold. A member of 1% For the Planet and Carbon Neutral Certified, Ombraz sequesters 330x more carbon than it takes to produce and deliver each pair of sunglasses.

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