Osprey announced the premiere of Denizens of the Steep: Finding Balance in the Backcountry, which it co-sponsored.

The film presented by Orijin Media and co-sponsored by Fat Tire, the Teton Conservation District, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the Iowa and Wyoming Chapters of the Wildsheep Foundations, looks at the urgent conservation challenge facing the Teton Bighorn Sheep herd and how winter recreationalists can be part of the solution.

Denizens of the Steep follows renowned ski mountaineer Kim Havell as she explores and redefines what it means to be a backcountry skier. With more skiers venturing further into the backcountry due to rapidly evolving ski touring technology, habitat destruction, lost migration routes, and invasive species have reduced the Teton Bighorn Sheep herd to fewer than 100. 

On the endangered species list, conservationists, including agency managers, livestock growers and athletes, including Havell and her family, are committed to saving the Bighorn.

Featuring interviews with Grand Teton National Park biologists, Exum Co-Owner Nat Patridge, outfitter and Jackson Hole ski patroller Pete Linn, and Patagonia athlete Max Hammer, the film elevates conservation voices seeking to find a shared future for wildlife while recreating in the backcountry.

To see the film, go here

Photo courtesy Osprey, Josh Metten