OrthoLite announced that its range of eco-footbeds has expanded with the release of the HybridPlus-Bio and HybridPlus-Recycled insoles. 

Ortholite remarked that the products “elevate the total eco content of the insoles to 57 percent and 50 percent respectively.”

The footbeds result from the brand’s Zero Waste initiative to create sustainable footwear solutions closing the loop on production waste and directly responding to increased demand from its brand partners for more sustainable product solutions.

  • HybridPlus-Recycled elevates the eco-content of the insoles to 50-percent with a blend of 7 percent recycled rubber powder and 43 percent recycled PU foam and uses less petroleum and energy while adding less to landfills.
  • HybridPlus-Bio offers 57 percent total eco content with 7 percent bio-oil from castor, 43 percent recycled production waste foam and 7 percent recycled rubber. The blend of Hybrid and bio-oil reduces the use of petroleum.

“Through the creation of our dedicated in-house recycling facility, OrthoLite continues to invest in the development of more sustainable solutions that optimize our supply chain from end to end by capturing and repurposing waste material. The new HybridPlus technologies are a direct result of these investments,” said John Barrett, president, OrthoLite. “Pursuing sustainability has been one of OrthoLite’s core values since the company launched 25 years ago with insoles containing recycled rubber. Our commitment to furthering sustainability in footwear is not always the easy way forward, but it is most certainly the right one as we enter our next 25 years. We look forward to affecting positive change faster by working with our global supply chain and brand partners to invest in and implement circular solutions.”

As a vertically-integrated U.S. company with facilities worldwide, OrthoLite collaborates with its brand partners to create and produce custom insole formulations. 

Photo courtesy Ortholite