OrthoLite, the performance and comfort footwear solutions manufacturer, announced it expanded its thermal foam, OrthoLite O-Therm. Previously sold in 2mm thickness, O-Therm now comes in 2mm to 20mm, in the same thermal material.

O-Therm is an aerogel-infused, open-cell PU foam cold block solution that can be applied as an insole and a strobel layer or lining. Powered by its proprietary aerogel’s cold block technology, O-Therm is third-party verified to be 54 percent more effective than other thermal insoles at blocking cold. 

“By offering footwear brands the opportunity to select the thickness range to meet their specifications precisely, O-Therm stands to become the market’s most versatile and standard-setting offering for cold weather footwear solutions,” said Rob Falken, vice president, Innovation, OrthoLite. “Combined with O-Therm’s unparalleled technical upside, making the product more bespoke to consumer needs will allow brands to go further in developing the most precisely applicable and high-performing cold-weather footwear across a broad range of footwear categories, including outdoor, casual, work, ski and snowboard, fashion, and other outdoor sectors.”

O-Therm technology creates a thermal barrier that blocks the cold and controls footwear temperature. Using an advanced aerogel, the proprietary combination of materials in O-Therm delivers thermal regulation and all-day comfort underfoot for cold-weather protection. 

Another key attribute is its lightness. Aerogel weighs only three times the weight of air, the air porosity of the material is more than 90 percent and the low density of the material enhances a shoe’s performance with lightweight comfort.

O-Therm advanced aerogel is hydrophobic to repel water and wick moisture from the foot. The aerogel requires no special handling or encapsulation.

OrthoLite worked with a third-party thermal test lab, New York City-based Vartest Labs, to quantify the thermal performance of O-Therm aerogel insoles under extremely cold conditions -78°C (-108°F). Its test results validate that O-Therm is a breathable thermal barrier that is 54 percent more effective on average in comparative testing to other thermal insoles when tested at -78°C (-108°F).

All OrthoLite insole formulations use recycled rubber to support the company’s goal of Zero Waste. O-Therm contains 5 percent total eco content from recycled rubber.

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