Reflecting a brand heritage built on athlete-led design, the Outdoor Research seven-piece Deviator Collection for Fall 2023 is made for cold weather activities “when warmth is critical for stopping, but you also need the ability to shed heat and moisture on the go.”

The collection pairs hybrid materials with emerging fabric technologies and athlete feedback and includes the Deviator Hoodie, Wind Pants, Pro Gloves, and Gloves/Mitts for winter running, hiking, fat biking, Nordic and backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, and alpinism. 

“Our goal was to build a versatile collection for cool and cold temperatures that are the kinds of multi-purpose layers you reach for again and again on your way out the door,” said Charlie Berg, outerwear product manager for Outdoor Research. 

The Deviator collection uses a range of new technology, including VerticalX Octa insulation in the hoodie, an open-structure insulator that’s “50 percent lighter than traditional polyester insulation, has an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio, is superb at wicking moisture, and is soft against the skin.” 

The Deviator Pro Gloves use a new insulating technology called Y-Warm, a fabric that offers “warmth similar or even superior to Aerogel, but because it’s a fabric and flexes easily, it can be integrated much more effectively into apparel.:

Outdoor Research has been involved in the “active insulation” category for nearly a decade, with pieces including the Ascendant and Uberlayer jackets. The Deviator collection “moves the category forward yet again.” 

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Photo courtesy Outdoor Research