OnX has partnered with Somewear Labs to launch its first integration between a GPS mapping app and satellite communication device for recreationalists to stay connected off-grid.

OnX and Somewear Labs are releasing the ability to share onX’s custom Waypoints while off-grid through satellite connectivity. Waypoints are contextual markers created by users in onX apps that indicate where users are going, where they’ve been and any point of interest along the way, and can share Waypoints in the field.

Through integration with Somewear, onX users can share Waypoints via a Somewear Global Hotspot. This satellite communicator enables two-way communication through Iridium’s low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite network transmitting the information. The Somewear Global Hotspot supports a range of features to increase situational awareness, including two-way messaging, automated location sharing, on-demand weather reporting, and SOS beaconing.

“We’re excited to partner with such a future-focused organization that is rethinking the way we communicate off-grid. Until now, off-grid functionality was limited to the capabilities of one platform. This collaboration brings two best-in-class tools together, greatly expanding communications possibilities,” said onX VP of Business Development Christopher Sledz. “By sharing onX Waypoints through a Somewear hotspot, users can add timely and relevant context to their messages–telling loved ones where they are during their adventure, bragging about a peak they skied, or inviting them to join a remote campsite.”

“Over the last few years, we noticed that many of our users were juggling different mapping apps and manually bringing that map data into Somewear,” explained Somewear Labs CEO James Kubik. “We knew an integration with a world-class mapping app would bring immense value to the outdoor community. onX was the clear choice—they have set such a high bar for the product they deliver, and their passion for bringing useful technology to the outdoor community perfectly aligns with our values at Somewear Labs.”

The initial integration between onX and Somewear is available for all onX Backcountry members and requires a Somewear Global Hotspot device and data package. Future integrations between onX and Somewear Labs will be released to onX users across the onX Hunt, onX Offroad and onX Backcountry apps through 2021.

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