Golden Valley, MN – Omnia Fishing announced today that Garmin Navionics cartography is now available within the Omnia Fishing mobile app. The new contour maps join other map layers already available, providing info on lake structure and cover, current water conditions and weather, all key to building successful fishing patterns. 

Access to Navionics’ market leading service for comprehensive nautical charts will be given to Omnia Pro members at no additional cost to their subscription.

“Serious anglers are quickly discovering how powerful the Omnia Pro maps are for breaking down waters quickly,” said hall of fame angler and Lake Commandos host Steve Pennaz. “The addition of Garmin Navionics’ contour mapping makes it even better by also delivering the world’s best contour mapping for thousands of waters across the US. Yes, this app is a must-have.”

A comprehensive place to prepare to fish

Omnia is providing access to Navionics through their Pro subscription service, within the Omnia Fishing app.  The service continues to expand, with members now able to use the app to view multiple map layers like current water temps, bottom composition, vegetation, wind, storm cells and now, Navionics cartography, all in one experience. 

“We’ve got a great community of anglers who have been providing us feedback as we continue to develop the Omnia Pro map experience and the layers we offer,” said Matt Johnson, CEO at Omnia Fishing. “Having super accurate and complete depth contours has always been near the top of the list of requests so we’re excited to work with Garmin to bring Navionics cartography into the app at no additional cost to members.”

The leading resource for depth contours

Navionics maps provide detailed bathymetry on 44,000+ rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. They are known for having depth contours as fine as 1 ft, advanced visualizations and the best accuracy available with thousands of updates each day. The service, provided by global GPS leader Garmin, is especially popular with anglers who use it for locating productive areas to target, and for safe navigation.

How customers can access Navionics

Membership in Omnia’s Pro service unlocks map layers within the Omnia Fishing app for Apple and Android, to allow for pre-trip planning and for real time adjustments on the water. An annual subscription costs $49 and also includes free shipping and 10% credits on tackle purchases from Omnia. Customers do not need an existing Navionics membership to access the new layers and there will be no additional cost to use the service.

“When we started Omnia, we set out to become the single best source of info and gear for anglers, all personalized by waterbody,” said Johnson. “Customers began using our original ecommerce site to plan a trip, find a new lake, and review real-time fishing reports instead of just buying their tackle and gear without the benefit of local knowledge. Bringing Navionics into the mapping experience alongside all the other info layers is one more way customers can use Omnia to get the most out of their time on the water.”