Artilect and TMC Ltd. collaborated on designing a range of technical apparel and accessories using Nuyarn, a proprietary spinning technology.

Nuyarn is the foundation for Artilect’s Fall 2021 collection of base layers, mid-layers and accessories, designed for warm to lightweight performance.

For Spring 2022, Artilect designers tapped into the potential of Nuyarn to create a range of warm-weather fabrics, integrating Nuyarn’s merino technology with banana fibers, Tencel and cotton/merino blend with 100 percent natural fibers. Each of Nuyarn’s combinations offers a different set of performance benefits and characteristics.

First introduced in 2013, Nuyarn is a patented ultralight, high-performance stretch merino fabric. By drafting fibers with high-performance filament, Nuyarn structure amplifies a fiber’s natural properties, resulting in “five times faster dry time, greater durability, 53 percent reduced wind permeability with breathability, absorbing moisture from vapor, and 35 percent more loft for greater thermal efficiency at lighter weights, as compared to 100 percent ring-spun merino wool fabrics,” said the brand.
As a mechanical process versus chemical additive, “the benefits of Nuyarn remain for the entire lifetime of the product, including the natural odor-resistant benefits of Australian merino wool,” the brand continued.

“Artilect is about constantly pushing and innovating to deliver an exceptional consumer experience. Having worked with the Nuyarn team for years, I know they are perfectly aligned with us focusing on significant improvements in performance while at the same time reducing the environmental footprint,” said Founder and Co-CEO Trent Bush, Artilect.
The core of the Artilect’s line is A/SYS, a technical apparel system. Each piece offers performance as a standalone and optimized when worn in the Artilect system designed with moisture management, thermoregulation, breathability, and performance.

Artilect’s first collection will be available at specialist retailers in Fall 2021.

Photo courtesy Artilect