Nordica USA announced it is adding redesigned models to its Speedmachine family of skis boots, designated Speedmachine 3 and a line of all-mountain women’s skis called the Wild Belle collection.

“The enthusiasm people have for getting outdoors, even with the pandemic, gives us a lot of optimism for the future and for skiers ability to continue to get out on the hill to have fun,” said Nordica USA’s Director of Marketing Sam Beck. “Each year, we look forward to how we can enhance the skiing experience, and this year we’re very excited to introduce several new products with key innovations that are sure to do just that.”

Nordica’s ‘Machine’ family of performance boots consists of the Promachine, Speedmachine and Sportmachine collections based on foot profiles. It introduced the Speedmachine line 16 years ago.

In development for the last five years, the Speedmachine 3 models consist of the 130 S and 120 for men and 115 W and 105 W for women that integrate the lower leg, liner and shell.

The Speedmachine 3 models were built on Nordica’s 3Force Technology liner, available on the men’s 130 S and women’s 115 W, which consists of customizable black cork, an EVA insert around the ankle and an adjustable tongue designed to drive energy to the shell. 

All Speedmachine 3 models feature a new construction design called 3Force 3D Technology, consisting of a hard plastic honeycomb structure triple injected with softer plastics to lighten the boot yet add stiffness and precision.

Last year the brand redesigned its all-mountain, all-condition Santa Ana women’s ski collection with its Terrain Specific Metal (TSM), a layer of metal tuned to each model’s intended use. Nordica identified a void in its women’s ski for women who wanted to ski all-mountain on groomers.

“Our ski collections are very tight and purpose-built. Every collection and every ski is clearly defined and has an important purpose for being,” explained Beck. “We don’t want consumers to be overwhelmed with options making it hard to decide. When choosing a Nordica ski, the choice is simple. ‘Where on the mountain do I like to go and which waist width makes sense for me?’ Keeping the offering simple, skiers will have the best shopping experience resulting in the perfect ski choice for them.”

The Wild Belle all-mountain series includes the one-ski quiver Wild Belle DC 84 and the groomer specific waist width Wild Belle 78 and 74.

The Wild Belle DC 84 features Nordica’s Double Core Technology, consisting of two poplar cores with beech wood stringers sandwiching a thin layer of rubber, called Pulse Core, in the ski’s center – resulting in a smoother ski without lowering its speed limit.

The Wild Belle DC 84 and Wild Belle 78 use what Nordica calls “Natural Stance” – the area where the bindings attach, in correspondence with the binding plate, is lower by about 2mm, with the heels slightly lower than the toes. The immediate feeling can compare to wearing flats versus heels, allowing skiers to stand comfortably on the skis while delivering more power with less effort. 

On all three Wild Belle models, the two parts of the binding plate are shortened and moved closer together, allowing skis to flex more naturally for smooth turns. 

Speedmachine 3 and Wild Belle models will be available in limited quantities in January and more readily available next fall.

With HF 110 being Nordica’s most widely distributed model in 2020, the HF boot collection will have three new models for the 2021/22 season; the performance-focused HF 120 Pro and two softer flexing models, the HF 100 for men and the HF 75 W for women. The Santa Ana collection will receive a narrower model, the Santa Ana 84, and the youth Speedmachine boot line will have a four-buckle model, the J4.

For more information about Nordica’s 2022 offerings, go here