In step with its commitment to minimizing the environmental footprint of its watches, bags and accessories, Nixon has revamped its tide and technical watches incorporating the #tide brand of ocean plastic. 

Based in Basel, Switzerland, #tide ocean material upcycles ocean waste and converts it to raw material for new products. Each of Nixon’s #tide watches takes two ocean-bound plastic bottles out of circulation and introduces a new Hide Tide watch.

The collection includes the High Tide, a high-definition watch with customizable made with #tide ocean plastics; Base Tide Pro stripped of anything that wouldn’t be helpful or functional in the water; Rival tide watch with a high contrast display and silicone band; Staple thin profile watch with customizable display and digital coin flip; and Siren that blends style and substance. 

“Nixon’s roll-out of #tide into some of our most popular watches is just the latest and most tangible effort to showcase how important the environment is to everyone associated with our brand. We were the first in the U.S. to use Repreve Our Ocean fiber in bags, and we continue to rethink ways we can limit our environmental footprint through the design of our watches and other accessories,” said Nixon’s President Nancy Dynan.

Earlier this year, Nixon debuted a collection of sustainable watch bands with its curbside recyclable packaging made from recycled materials, for every watch in its collection.

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