Nite Ize, a manufacturer of solution-based products, announced its partnership with six outdoor brands that use its patented Tru Zip waterproof zipper—a toothless, dustproof, waterproof zipper—including Simms Fishing, Hydro Flask, Fishpond, CamelBak, Booē, and  Adventure Medical Kits

“TRU Zip technology enables us to provide a first-of-its-kind solution across a variety of outdoor activities from hunting and fishing, to travel and watersports and beyond,” said Rick Case, CEO and founder, Nite Ize. “Tru Zip empowers brands to innovate in their product category enabling products to be built that could never be built before. We are proud to collaborate with these legacy brands enabling consumers to have next-generation performance in the outdoors.” 

Launched in 2019, the Tru Zip design is snag-proof and can easily open and close. Tested to IP67, TRU Zip has maximum reliability to withstand immersion underwater of up to 1m deep for up to 30 minutes. 

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