Kit includes 50 ft of ultra-light 2 mm line and four Mini Line Tensioners.

Bellingham, WA, July 16, 2020 – GEAR AID expands its Adventure Tools line-up with the new Reflective Guyline Kit. This multipurpose tool features reflective accents and a bright orange color to secure tents and tarps with a line that can be seen even in low light settings. This kit comes with four Mini Line Tensioners for taut lines that are easy to set up.

Quickly secure tents and tarps when outdoors using the Reflective Guyline Kit. With 50 ft of ultra-light 2 mm line and four Mini Line Tensioners, easily organize camp with up to four 12 ft guylines that are adjustable and taut all day and night. The bright reflective orange color and matte-finish tensioners catch the eye even in dim lighting to prevent trips and falls in the evening.

Visible even in low light settings.

“We are excited to launch the Reflective Guyline Kit. There are tons of great uses for this line and tensioner set. Use it as a clothesline, lanyard, replacement shoelace/belt, or DIY mask strap,” says Christian Rudolph, GEAR AID product manager. “The 2 mm cordage is useful all-around camp and the lightweight tensioners make tarp and tent setup a breeze.”  He adds, “We also got rid of the bulky packaging and attached the goods directly to the card, so consumers can handle and interact with the product directly.”

Now available at select retailers and online, the Reflective Guyline Kit is the latest addition to the GEAR AID Adventure Tools collection, which also includes paracord in a variety of sizes, colors, and lengths (i.e., 325, 30 ft and 100 ft). Check out the complete GEAR AID line of paracord by visiting