Seattle-based Mountain Safety Research (MSR), the outdoor equipment manufacturer and part of parent company Cascade Designs released its Habiscape Tent Series for S23.

The tents blend performance, space and features with a symmetrical design, making pole placement and setup intuitive. It also includes a pass-thru pocket, accessible from inside and outside and a storage bag that becomes a hanging pocket. With ten pockets, ceiling loops, wide door openings, and generous headroom, this frontcountry shelter hits the sweet spot on price and quality.

“MSR has a long history of solving problems for the most serious of outdoor adventurers. With the Habiscape series, we applied our problem-solving skills to the family camping environment and are very pleased with the outcome,” said Kalon Pilmanis, vice president, product, MSR. “The Habiscape’s intuitive setup, livable space and creative pocketing solutions eliminate many of the frustrations that keep families from maximizing their time doing what is most important— enjoying the outdoors together.”

The Habiscape joins MSR’s frontcountry line of tents with its Habitude 4 and 6 Family and Group Tent Series. The Habitude is the sturdiest, most wind-resistant option at a higher price point due to its pole structure. Consumers needing more living space and extra features will gravitate to the Habiscape, which includes a rainfly that can be used as a sun shade or a storm entrance and a double door. The 4-person version weighs 12 pounds with an interior height of 73 inches, 62.5 square feet of livable space, and an additional 23.5 vestibule square footage. The 6-person tent weighs 13 pounds, 9 ounces, with a 77-inch interior height and 83 square feet of living space, plus a 24.5 square foot vestibule.

For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy MSR